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About Carol
Your pod leader to swim with wild dolphins
My name is Carol Grievé and I am a Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Speaker, Writer, Artist and your Retreat and Pod Leader. I have created, customized and successfully embarked on countless retreats while assisting many individuals in discovering who they really are, why they are here and how to create more meaningful and joyful lives. My clients range from teenagers, parents, professionals or anyone that has made the decision not to settle for mediocrity in their lives.  

I now incorporate nutritional counseling in my practice and teach how to shop, eat and cook for absolute optimal health. Many of my clients come to me because something is not working in their life or in their relationships. Some may simply just want to know how to create optimal health in their physical body. I assist them in exploring their beliefs systems and how those beliefs may be blocking their ability to experience joy or to use their abilities to the fullest potential.   I assist them in getting "real" about their fears and their self-limiting beliefs and offer them real tools for change. As we learn to take total responsibility for our life and our choices, it can be very empowering. I am the host of an internet talk radio show about food called Food Integrity Now. To find out more about what I do, go to http://foodintegritynow.org
dolphins at sunset to swim with the wild dolphinYou may ask, "What does this have to do with dolphins?"   Dolphins are amazing creatures that can assist us to open our hearts and minds to induce absolute peace and serenity. For many, swimming with the dolphins brings the feeling of joy for the first time in many years.  Dolphins have the ability to teach us how to connect with self love and self worth.They are special creatures that can communicate with us at the subconscious level and assist us, if we are open, to uncover the blocks that keep us from truly experiencing joy and opening up cellular memories. 

 In this fast paced world, where intellectual intelligence is so highly valued, we have learned to shut down our emotional bodies. The dolphins can inspire you to create a balance between your emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical bodies.  When our bodies are in balance and in alignment, we can experience deeper levels of joy in all areas of our life.  Dolphins can assist us to uncover the emotional wounds that must be understood and healed in order to create joy in our life. Please join me on this adventure of a lifetime. Are you ready to experience bliss? 

For any inquiries or more in-depth information, please call 415-302-7100 or email me at carolgrieve333@gmail.com.
beautiful dolphin energy
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