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swim with wild dolphins
"This trip is an experience of a lifetime. Being able to swim in the ocean with "Free" dolphins (not the tame resort trained type) and watch the interactions within their Pods is truly amazing!  The "Dolphin Retreat" home on the waterfront is a perfect place to take in the beauty and enchantment of Hawaii.
Add in all the wonderful "Organic" food, especially unusual fresh fruits like "White Pineapple" and "Dragon Fruit" is over the top! Carol is very experienced and intuitive in helping you explore, enjoy and appreciate your "Inner self".  Be sure to bring your underwater camera!"
Keilani, Phoenix, AZ
"What a delight it was to spend a week swimming with dolphins, on their terms in the wild, snorkelling with tropical fish & turtles. Also  being in a safe atmosphere that allowed & encouraged open, honest communication with women.  I felt like I was hanging for a week with my best girl friends in a haven on the ocean as I got up each morning to hear the birds singing & the waves rolling in.  The meals were exquisite & the atmosphere healing.  This was truly one of the best weeks of my life.  I will be back make no mistake!!"
Bonnie D.  -  Victoria B.C.
"If you would like to swim with free dolphins, see beautiful fish and coral, and possibly see a sea turtle, then take a trip to Hawaii with Carol.  The accommodations are fantastic, and the food is gourmet.  I just returned from one of Carol's trips and I'm already wishing I could go on another one.  Thank you Carol, for a wonderful week."
Caroline M. - Dallas, Tx
"Usually vacations and trips afar leave me feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation, but this adventure was truly relaxing and greatly needed! I was pregnant for this trip and couldn't have planned a better place to be. The wildlife was abundant, foliage was beyond beautiful, and the sea life and dolphins were amazing! I wish I could have stayed for my entire pregnancy!"
Jamie G. - San Diego, CA
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